I know this is a strange thing to blog about or even review, but what the hell – here goes. I’m bored. If the title of this post doesn’t interest you, you’ll probably be bored very quickly too. Otherwise if you’ve got one of these, or thinking about getting one, please feel free to read on.

I live in a barn conversion. It’s a long story that I’ll not bore you with, but basically the conversion wasn’t designed or built particularly well. There’s a whole host of problems with it. One of the biggest oversights was not including easy access to the roof space. There’s also quite a few tiny gaps to the outside world where the roof meets the outside walls etc.

Over the years mice have liked living in my nice warm loft. I don’t particularly mind them being there, which is fortunate as I have no access to them to set traps and remove them. Equally, they can’t get into the main house (very easily) to set traps to remove me. If I was being a bit of a twat, I’d say that we have a reasonably harmonious symbiotic relationship. Otherwise, if I didn’t want to sound like a total knob, I’d say that I can live fairly happily alongside my furry friends.

Vermatik 4-in-1 Pest RepellerIf you know me, you’ll probably know that I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to spiders. I hate them. Really hate them. So perhaps this isn’t the best place for me to live. I get some HUGE ones here – at least big enough to put a saddle on. They find their way in via the gaps that I mentioned earlier, eat a load of pies, grow some fur and promptly terrorise me when I least expect it. I had one crawl over my head the other week whilst I was in bed. I wasn’t impressed and frankly nearly shat myself.

Depending on quite how well you know me, you may also know that I sometimes have real problems getting to sleep. So lately I’ve been lying awake at night thinking that a big horse sized spider is going to attach itself onto my face ‘Alien’ stylee, accompanied by a background noise of scampering mice and loud chewing noises. It’s all frankly not been helping me doze off.

Anyway, when I was channel hopping the other day I flicked past a tv shopping channel. They were selling electronic “Pest Repellers”. Perhaps I’ve been living in the dark ages, but I’ve never heard of them before and to be honest, they sound like a total scam. But I quite liked the idea of ridding myself of two headaches. So off I toddled to ebay and bought two “Vermatik 4 in 1 Pest Repellers” (much cheaper than the ones on telly!). Anyway a week ago, they arrived.

The ones I got are supposed to:

  1. Have some kind of ultrasonic noise that insects/rodents don’t like.
  2. Put some weird electromagnetic wave through the mains wiring loop in the house.
  3. Have some ionic thing which purifies the air.
  4. Have a sexy nightlight.

The plan was, buy the things on ebay, then flog them on ebay again if they don’t work. Couldn’t lose. It was a plan with no drawbacks. So what’s happened after a week of it being plugged in?

Well the blue night light is frankly pathetic. It lights up about a square centimetre of space. The thing also clicks quite loudly sometimes and I swear I can hear a high pitch noise occasionally (hopefully it’s not tinnitus!).

Unless I’d read the leaflet about the air purifier part I’d never have known to be honest – that’s frankly a waste of time – there ain’t nothing that can cleanse the air of the scent of my socks.

I know, what about the pest repeller part? Well, the first couple of nights, there actually seemed to be a lot more, quite loud mice scampering. Since then it does seem to have lessened and I’ve not heard any mice at all for a good 48 hours. There was however an enormous, Val Kilmer sized spider in my bath the other morning. I honestly thought he was going to ask me to loofah his back whilst it played with my rubber duck and toy boat. But other than that and the odd money spider, I’ve not seen any spiders either in the last week.

Anyway, I know it’s early days and I’m still VERY skeptical about this whole electronic pest repeller thing, but the early signs for me are quite promising. Perhaps the mice have just gone on their summer hols for a week or two and perhaps the spiders are currently formulating some kind of ingenious plan to rubber duck me to death.

The manual does say wait 2-4 weeks for results (which is probably quite conveniently so that your statutory rights have well and truly lapsed by then!), so I’ll leave them running a while longer.

But are my hopes of a spider and mouse free night up unnecessarily? Has anyone else had any luck with these things or is the above pure coincidence and it’s really just an empty little box with lil’ flashy lights on?

Oh, and you can betcha ass that two seconds after I post this they’ll be spiders and mice galore in my flat.

[edit] Just remembered… this particular device stupidly hangs down quite a long way below the plug socket (see pic), so if you’ve got a lot of very low plug holes like me, you might be limited where you can actually plug this bad boy in! [/edit]

[edit 2] Yup, as predicted, I’ve just found a Laurence Fishburne sized spider in the hall! [/edit 2]

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  1. louise said:

    wow really impressed you replied back so quick when i buy and try will come back and let you know thankyou

  2. Do you know if they rid of wood lice?

  3. It really varies to whether they work on wood lice, wasps, spiders etc as some people find they work and others find they work on some things but not others, probably depends on what area you live in.

    Mine has been in for 5 weeks now and I have noticed that all insects have moved as far as possible away from repeller but are still in property. When first in wood lice seemed to enjoy the repeller (could see better as nothing was in room, however I don’t know if this is still the case as furniture now takes up most of room).

    But yeah does seem to be pot luck, if wood lice are your only problem maybe better to try a dehumidifier instead as wood lice really need moist places to live so drying it would definatly stop problem.

  4. trytina said:

    have now had 2 of these machines plugged in for about a week and only seen one tiny spider and a daddy longlegs but no big ones thank goodness!
    it hasn’t rained in that time though so the real test will be thursday onwards, 3 days of rain forecast.
    was worried it would affect my 2 cats but they have been fine.
    will report back next week.

  5. I bought 2 of the vermatik 6in1 pest repellers from bid tv last november.Well i have never had a problem with mice befor but low and behold two weeks ago a mouse found its way in to my kitchen.It seems to like cat food.It comes out at night when we are tucked up in bed.The next mourning i will find mice poo all around the cat food dish.You would think the cat would get rid of it but no he is fast asleep when all this is going on.The best of it is the repeller is only two feet away from the mouse.So i would definitely say that the repellers are just one big con.

    • I’m not surprised – in the instructions for these kinds of products it is normally stated to remove sources of food…

  6. Hiya all, updare from 11/10/07: ive been getting on fine with out the beasties in my new place its wonderfull, and there is a big field at the back of me too, I dont think they are a con because if they were no one would sell them cos every one would say they dont work so they must work, may be yours are faulty in that case send them back.
    Im sure if people like sit-up tv sell them they have to work or they will be breaking the law im sure….
    But i think the pest repellers are a god send!! need to get some for my cousin who has a mouse problem and she doesnt own a computer (strange i know especially in this day and age) has any one got the 6 in 1 what they like?

  7. Hi sue,the pest repellers i had were the 6in1,I say were because i have returned them to sit-up tv.I have allso done abit off research on the web about pest repellers,and i found a pest controll site in canada, and they say that there is no evidence that repellers work,and they say if they did work then why are the pest controll companys not useing them.Any way caught the mice in a humane trap with abit of peanut butter,so all is well.

  8. My son has pass on one of these pest repellents but with no instructions would you possible tell me how the different positions of the slider knob work please.

  9. Hi Vera, I posted a scan of the instructions in message #11 above. :-)

  10. Many thanks to C in Message #11 for the instructions on the Vermatik 4-in-1 Pest Repellent


  11. Father-inlaw swore by them, so we bought some. So my kids and I all hate the bugs and thought of getting less bugs would get rid of the girlie screams every time fly or spider came to visit. Now we have had just as many flies(larger than before), daddy long-legs, wasps, gnats, moths and other unknown variteties coming in swarms the only saving grace is the cats no longer venture up stairs to leave muddy prints and cat hair mess is kept downstairs! Still waiting for them to work 8 weeks on and yes I DO FEEL CHEATED out of £30. It seems to me that its only the cats that have been affected. We wait……

  12. Hi All,
    I brought my 4 in 1 pest repeller last year because I had a problem with ants’ invasion in the house. They build their nest under the house and they were running me mad. Any year in spring – summer were marching in my kitchen does not matter how clean I was keeping it. In the hall way I found the dead ants with wings (male ants) every night.
    After I brought the repeller I install it in the living room. My ants disappeared almost instantly. Also the spiders diminished tremendously (thanks good they do not bother me – if I find one in house I am taking it on a paper and put it in the garden (that’s not valid for my daughter – when she is coming she is screaming!)
    After one year I am ants free in the house but they moved in the garden and they are making huge termite nests. My daughter suggests buying another repeller so I will increase the area of working (it is quite limited to a room). It is possible to work but I will move the ants to my neighbours so I decided to kill them if I can so I placed ants traps with honey and poison hoping to kill their queens.
    If anybody has experience with killing ants for good please let me know.

    • i had a similar problem to yours with MAJOR ANT infestation from various places within my house.i was desperate to get rid of their nests at all costs, I had used various poisons,ant bates,etc
      Sheer desperation drove me to the Vermatik 4 in 1 device even though i was very sceptical about it, i would clearly say that the device works (with ANTS) and would recommend this product for that use. As to any other kind of infestation i would not know,I have also lent the divice to my son, who has had a similar result to myself. To those people who have bought this device and feel let down, the results do not happen over night.If then they are not happy then pass it on to someone else and see if they could benifit from it,rather than leaving it lying unused in some cupboard…….from a satisfied friend

  13. What is it with spiders coming in pairs?! Last weekend spent ages building up the courage to splat a GIANT spider hiding behind the bathroom door then after waiting to make sure it was dead and flush it away- there was it’s friend under the sink- he was faster and far more clever!
    Have been researching these pest controllers as I can’t deal with the heart attack inducing size of the spiders that have taken a liking to my bathroom, am hoping that I have the same success as others!

  14. My repeller has now been in for 19 weeks and I still have spiders but only tiny ones now – noticed it even more so when I stayed at my mums last week there was one that was huge with hairy legs and Dr Martins on.
    The ones I have are daddy long legs (must admit these do get v big in my home but they usually stay out of sight under cupboards) and tiny normal ones I mean tiny, no bigger than a 5p coin. And I didn’t realise that the woodlice had gone until I saw one two days ago and realised I hadn’t seen any for weeks.
    I think the repeller is fab but could also do with an insect repeller too.

  15. Just got one of those electromagnectic spider repellents as we have BIG spiders here one after the other! I hate them and can not rest if there is one in the room. Ive had it plugged in for a week and can see no difference.Is it too soon?? My cat however will not enter the room it is in. He CAN hear it! I have had to move it to a room that is not used by him.

  16. Hi Amanda, I think it probably is too soon to tell after a week, I think mine took about 6-8 weeks to scare all the biggies off. I have a 6-in-1 repeller so not sure what the others ‘features’ have but there should be a slider on the side that sets it ‘on full’ (if you have no pets) ‘off’ and ‘on with pets’ if yours has this option definatly choose the latter as you feline friend will probably have huge headaches otherwise.

    The latest news with mine is that a couple of weeks ago Woolies had a sale on all the summer lines and I managed to get two canisters of Raid Crawling Insect Killer for £1 each. Very glad about this as 2days later I moved the mat I keep my shoes on and a HUGE spider ran out and ran under sink cupboard – I sprayed the area and saw another equally huge one run around for about 6 seconds (felt much longer tho) before dropping dead.

    I bought a chalet in March and am planning on living there the 8months a year that its open as site fees are much cheaper than renting but this first year has been a learning curve and a half. The chalet is wooden (so basically a glorified shed) the front door leads into the kitchen and then the lounge and either back corner of the lounge has a small bedroom the one on the left I use as my bedroom and the right hand room is a study come junk room. Next to the right room is a bathroom and toilet room. My main problem areas are the toilet/bathroom and the kitchen area but have the repeller in my bedroom – seems daft but it does warn that it should not be used near other electrical devices so that was the only place I could put it. I’m sure the distances stated are wrong as from the corner of the repeller to the other corner of the chalet can’t be more than 12 metres. Does anyone else have any problems with where to place the repeller? Or does anyone have it plugged next to a TV etc with no problems?

    The true test for me will come in March when the site reopens after 4months of being closed – with no electric – I am dreading this already.

  17. Hi Kiama,

    Thanks, good to know that it WILL work one day. Mine does not have any option to reduce the setting for pets. It seems that he is ok in other rooms just not the one where it is. I would hate to think he is constantly suffering from it. Does anyone else have any experience or advice with pets? I contacted the company who said ‘Pets can not hear it’. They can!!

  18. Kiama, one of my pest repellers has been plugged in a few feet away from my telly for the last 12 months and I haven’t noticed any adverse effects. It is still the older 4-in-1 that I originally posted about above, so I’m not sure what effect the newer 6-in-1 might have.

    Amanda, I wouldn’t say it definitely WILL work, I still get spiders – in fact I had a big one a couple of nights ago that quite happily sat 12 inches from the repeller, so they’re certainly not a sure fire thing. Perhaps some spiders are just deaf or something! However, I would give it longer though than a week though – let us know how you get on.

    That said, I’ve certainly had less spiders in the last twelve months, and the ones I do get are more often than not in a room without a repeller (I think the effective range is A LOT less than the manual says – assuming they work at all that is). But… I couldn’t say that any success I’ve had is entirely due to the repellers – it could also be because I’ve had some building work done, which may have reduced the entry points and/or the weather etc.

    For me, if they only help prevent a few big spiders a year though, that’s almost worth it!

  19. My husband bought four of these from that Bid-Up channel, 6-1’s they were. He knows how afraid i am of spiders and mice so he thought he would very kindly try to help or give him a break from my wining. We have a large house surrounded by fields and year the farmers harvest out house becomes a refuse for spiders and mice. Anyway i have had them plugged in for four weeks and the results are astonishing. Definatly no spiders or mice to report. I would not call the function a light on the machine though, more a relaxing calming light but lovely anyway. We even bought a set for our apartment in the canaries which as a cockroach problem and they even work on them, no more call out fees twice a year. I definatly reccomend them, i have a fobia about spiders so i would know if they work or not. I can’t wait for the 7-1.

  20. My Mum has given me a 5 in 1 repeller, but I do not have instructions. Can anyone tell me what setting the unit needs to be on to repel mice. Therer is a choice of two settings;

    U.M.I. 1
    U.M.I. 2

    Many thanks

  21. It says in the instructions William, “Do not use UMI setting if you have mice or rats in the house. ONLY use IONIC setting.”

    I wonder if you have a different brand/model or something?

    My other half set them up, we have two and i was curious to whether she had them on the correct setting, lo and behold she had them on UMI *rolls eyes*, typical lol.

  22. I am not sure I am using my repeller correctly, doesn’t seem to shift them. There are two settings on one side UMI1 and UMI2. Thought you just plug it in and go. Do you need the the blue light on for it to work?

  23. would these get rid of flees

  24. Maryann, the blue light on mine is just a night light. Presumably that’s the same for the newer 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 models? I would guess one of the UMI settings is the ‘sweep’ function described above, the other would then be just constant ultrasound. Might be wrong though – hopefully someone will scan the instructions for those two models and post them.

    Jojo, I can’t see any specific claims for fleas, just “most crawling insects”. Of course, whether these things work at all is still a bit undecided. Might be worth a go though if you’ve tried everything else.

  25. Thanks C. Thought the blue light was a night light and not in conjunction with it working to get rid of the beasts!!!

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