I know this is a strange thing to blog about or even review, but what the hell – here goes. I’m bored. If the title of this post doesn’t interest you, you’ll probably be bored very quickly too. Otherwise if you’ve got one of these, or thinking about getting one, please feel free to read on.

I live in a barn conversion. It’s a long story that I’ll not bore you with, but basically the conversion wasn’t designed or built particularly well. There’s a whole host of problems with it. One of the biggest oversights was not including easy access to the roof space. There’s also quite a few tiny gaps to the outside world where the roof meets the outside walls etc.

Over the years mice have liked living in my nice warm loft. I don’t particularly mind them being there, which is fortunate as I have no access to them to set traps and remove them. Equally, they can’t get into the main house (very easily) to set traps to remove me. If I was being a bit of a twat, I’d say that we have a reasonably harmonious symbiotic relationship. Otherwise, if I didn’t want to sound like a total knob, I’d say that I can live fairly happily alongside my furry friends.

Vermatik 4-in-1 Pest RepellerIf you know me, you’ll probably know that I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to spiders. I hate them. Really hate them. So perhaps this isn’t the best place for me to live. I get some HUGE ones here – at least big enough to put a saddle on. They find their way in via the gaps that I mentioned earlier, eat a load of pies, grow some fur and promptly terrorise me when I least expect it. I had one crawl over my head the other week whilst I was in bed. I wasn’t impressed and frankly nearly shat myself.

Depending on quite how well you know me, you may also know that I sometimes have real problems getting to sleep. So lately I’ve been lying awake at night thinking that a big horse sized spider is going to attach itself onto my face ‘Alien’ stylee, accompanied by a background noise of scampering mice and loud chewing noises. It’s all frankly not been helping me doze off.

Anyway, when I was channel hopping the other day I flicked past a tv shopping channel. They were selling electronic “Pest Repellers”. Perhaps I’ve been living in the dark ages, but I’ve never heard of them before and to be honest, they sound like a total scam. But I quite liked the idea of ridding myself of two headaches. So off I toddled to ebay and bought two “Vermatik 4 in 1 Pest Repellers” (much cheaper than the ones on telly!). Anyway a week ago, they arrived.

The ones I got are supposed to:

  1. Have some kind of ultrasonic noise that insects/rodents don’t like.
  2. Put some weird electromagnetic wave through the mains wiring loop in the house.
  3. Have some ionic thing which purifies the air.
  4. Have a sexy nightlight.

The plan was, buy the things on ebay, then flog them on ebay again if they don’t work. Couldn’t lose. It was a plan with no drawbacks. So what’s happened after a week of it being plugged in?

Well the blue night light is frankly pathetic. It lights up about a square centimetre of space. The thing also clicks quite loudly sometimes and I swear I can hear a high pitch noise occasionally (hopefully it’s not tinnitus!).

Unless I’d read the leaflet about the air purifier part I’d never have known to be honest – that’s frankly a waste of time – there ain’t nothing that can cleanse the air of the scent of my socks.

I know, what about the pest repeller part? Well, the first couple of nights, there actually seemed to be a lot more, quite loud mice scampering. Since then it does seem to have lessened and I’ve not heard any mice at all for a good 48 hours. There was however an enormous, Val Kilmer sized spider in my bath the other morning. I honestly thought he was going to ask me to loofah his back whilst it played with my rubber duck and toy boat. But other than that and the odd money spider, I’ve not seen any spiders either in the last week.

Anyway, I know it’s early days and I’m still VERY skeptical about this whole electronic pest repeller thing, but the early signs for me are quite promising. Perhaps the mice have just gone on their summer hols for a week or two and perhaps the spiders are currently formulating some kind of ingenious plan to rubber duck me to death.

The manual does say wait 2-4 weeks for results (which is probably quite conveniently so that your statutory rights have well and truly lapsed by then!), so I’ll leave them running a while longer.

But are my hopes of a spider and mouse free night up unnecessarily? Has anyone else had any luck with these things or is the above pure coincidence and it’s really just an empty little box with lil’ flashy lights on?

Oh, and you can betcha ass that two seconds after I post this they’ll be spiders and mice galore in my flat.

[edit] Just remembered… this particular device stupidly hangs down quite a long way below the plug socket (see pic), so if you’ve got a lot of very low plug holes like me, you might be limited where you can actually plug this bad boy in! [/edit]

[edit 2] Yup, as predicted, I’ve just found a Laurence Fishburne sized spider in the hall! [/edit 2]

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  1. As both me and my mum share your dislike of eight legged freaks we have a couple of these things in the house. That said I am really not sure how well they work. For a start I had no idea what they were when my parents installed them and it wasn’t until a few months later that I finally got around to asking, and by that point I couldn’t remember if we had had more spiders before they were installed or not.

    Like you I was very skeptical and to be honest I still am. I will say that there don’t seem to have been as many spiders around lately as I am used to but maybe they are just getting better at hiding from me. If I knew for sure that they worked I would fill my house with the things. What worries me about the ones we have is that every so often a red flashing light goes off on them. I have no idea what this means as it seems completely random. Does it mean it is sending out it’s cosmic rays or does it mean it has detected a spider in the area. Either way I don’t like it.

    Keep us updated on how it goes…oooow you could do some kind of graph listing how many spiders you have seem, that way you can tell all scientifically like if it is working or not!!!

    • Hi,
      the red flashing light indicates when it is sending the pulse through the wiring, it is not a constant thing.

  2. Oooh, graphs. Now there’s an idea.

    Well it’s been a few days since I posted this and I haven’t heard any more meece noises. That’s probably about 5 nights straight now, which I can’t remember happening in the years that I’ve lived here. There has been a couple of teeny weeny harvest spiders in the bathroom though – which incidently were in the bathroom and hall (as were the two big spiders that I mentioned in the post above), which are the rooms furthest away from the two repellers. Hmmm. Coincidence?

    This makes an interesting read:

    Possibly just temporary effects…?

  3. Quick update in case anyone is in the least bit interested…!

    After a long absence I’ve heard mice in the roof for the last two nights. Perhaps they’ve become used to it now as the wikipedia article suggests. They’ve obviously not left at least. :-( No new spiders though, so it’s not all bad news.

    I’ve moved the repellers into different plug sockets to see if it’ll jar the mice off. Mwhahaha.

  4. my mum pruchased the 4 in 1 from sit-up tv and its worked a treat, no more phone call because there’s a beasty in her bathroom. I have purchased a new one with a sweep function which apparently changes the frequency so the beasty’s can not get used to the frequency. Ive told my mum it might be worth while investing in this one, if what you say is they get used to it and come back.

  5. Hi sue, thanks for dropping by. :-)

    I did see a 5 in 1 on ebay the other day with the sweep function, so perhaps you could let me know how you get on with it?

    Quick update with mine (after the recommended 4 weeks): I’ve not been completely free of mouse noise in the roof, but I’ll have to admit it does seem to have been greatly reduced. Perhaps I’ve got a rogue hard of hearing mouse left in the loft.

    Spider-wise, again I’ve not had any monster beasties in the last week or two (don’t remember any since the last update at least), but there has still been a few small and spindly harvest spiders lurking about. But I can’t really complain too much there.

    Overall, I’m fairly pleased (and quite surprised). It does seems to have some effect on rodents at least and hey, if it’s discouraged just one less big spider – that’s almost worth the price for me! Did I mention I haaaate spiders!

  6. an update on the new pest repeller, there are still a few beastys but i dont think anything will every get rid of them completely, Im impressed havnt seen any spiders for ages which is just fine with me. I would recommend the new one but my mum still insists on the 4 in 1 model. Moving house in a few weeks so i will have to update you on the elimination of the beasts in my new place.

  7. Sounds like it’s working for you too Sue! Thanks for the update.

    Since I last gave an update – I’ve had two small spiders (both in a room without a repeller) in the last few days, but otherwise I’ve been spider free. I’ve heard the odd mouse in the roof, but moving the repellers into different rooms every couple of weeks seems to do the trick again.

  8. Interesting – I stumbled upon your site after putting Vermatik into the web as I am staying in a converted barn for 4 weeks. We were in the small one roomed cottage next door for one week and I noticed quite a few spiders – though not of the heart attack size. When we moved into the barn conversion I noticed the flashing device and commented to the owner who was quite vague about pest problems, as well you might be when your tenant is paying megabucks to stay. Anyway suffice to say no spiders apart from a dinky one behind the waste pipe in the bathroom and no mice noises on or in the roof like there were next door. I’m impressed.

  9. hi. after,about a year of fighting with these little mices i was about to give up, until i saw the vermatik on bid-tv. i bought two, about a week or or so later they had moved out luggage and all. its nearly eleven months now i have not seen any at all, still see the odd spider ,but better them than them micesss. so it worked for me.

  10. hi all i noticed ive got an unwanted visitor with a long tail in the building on the side of the house . ive borroed vermatic pest control which plugs into the mains from my mum but she cant remember how to use it .could someone please email instructions many thanks seth

  11. It’s mostly a case of just plugging in and leaving it, but I’ve scanned my Vermatik instructions leaflet and you can find it here and here. Good luck.

    By the way as an update to this post, I’ve still got my two Vermatiks plugged in and after 4 months they now seem to be totally ineffective against the mice in my roof, as I can once again hear them every night. :-(

    I do seem to be relatively spider free though, so that’s nice.

    • Hi, Could it be that the ultra sound or whatever that is supossed to drive away the mice cannot penetrate your ceiling to get to the mice?

  12. I purchased 2 Vermatik’s in November to rid my household of beetles. They didn’t work!
    But what is even more worrying, is the fact that since we purchased these pointless Items We now have a mouse that has unwantedy moved in.
    What a complete waste of money!!!

  13. scottiebottie said:

    i brought a vermatik pest repeller as i has a whole load of ants in the spring and the summer every year and also always suffered with silverfish since i broughtthem i had none i had the old type the 4 in 1 and am now going to update and buy the 5 in 1 from ebay as there only £14inc delivery my dad also has a boat and suffered with ants and when i gave hime one of the vermatik they also stopped coming to nest on the canal boat so in my opinion they realy are fantastic value for the lolly dolly !!

  14. Total waste of money,Time & effort. Don’t bother…
    We bought 2 of these items to rid Our house of beetles.. They do NOT work.
    Also since the installation of the repeller, a mouse decided to move in to Our house… They did NOT work.
    A mouse trap cost £1.55… IT DID WORK…
    But we still have a beetle issue??? Don’t waste your money on high hopes !

  15. Hi, i have two of the 5 in 1 repeller. Got rid of my mice and on the whole most of the spiders with the exception of the odd small one.
    Well worth the money imo. Kim

  16. I am very bothered by spiders and flies and am just about to spend 7months in a holiday chalet. Been looking at buying a vermatik on ebay and just wanted to read reviews on them. Find the mixed reviews show at least a possibility they could work but am now worried because the chalet only has a possible 40amp at any one time, after tele, games consoles, fridge, freezer and pc will I have enough power left over afterwards to run one? Any comments welcomed.

  17. I wouldn’t imagine that’d be a problem. I posted the instruction leaflet somewhere above, which says it uses about 8 watts. So less than a lightbulb!

    I **think**, to find out how many amps, it’s:
    8 watts / 240 volts = 0.03 amps.

    Might be wrong though. I was hopeless at science. :-)

  18. Cheers C, I had no idea how it worked but just double checked and it seems that you are perfectly correct. The one I was looking at has gone but I think I’ll try and get one now I know that.

  19. Ahh phew!

    Good luck, let us know how you get on with it!

  20. It has now been 2 weeks since I got a 6-in-1 and all I have found so far is that spiders are all heading for the opposite end of the chalet. The only worrying thing is that woodlice are crawling inches from repeller do they like the sounds????

    And I have been checking my meter to see how much is going (not living in chalet yet so only using repeller and electric fire when I visit) its very low. So far I’m not all that impressed but I’ll keep an open mind until the 4-6 weeks is up.

    • I bought a couple of ACP41 pest repeller’s from one of the shopping chanels. I have relatively few spiders, no mice or rats and never have had. I do get loads of woodlice and regardless of what the makers / supliers claim, the devices are totally ineffective against them. Ive had them in use for best part of a couple of years, tried alternating the switches on a daily basis, all to no avail. Totally useless and a complete waste of money. I seriously believe there is a good case for the trade discription people to follow up, cos what we are led to understand how good they are is a complete load of bullsh*t. If its know that they dont work for woodlice, the public should be made aware of it

  21. Had a massive spider on the living room wall last night and then it’s partner was there to greet me this morning in almost the same spot! ( they seem to come in twos, anyone else find that?). Anyway, decided to put in a search for ” is pest repeller any good for getting rid of spiders?” and your blog was the first thing that came up. When I started reading I thought, ok, this person has become a bit obsessed with spiders and the only cure will be therapy. But then thought of the measures I have taken to get rid of them.

    I’m widowed and have 2 teenage daughters so that leaves me to tackle them (just cos I’m the oldest doesn’t seem fair but there we go!). We haven’t had a spider for ages so I wasn’t prepared last night but now the ‘spider kit’ is back!

    The ‘spider kit’ is positioned next to the sofa for instant grabbing. It is a good old really floppy flip flip (right hand grab) and a can of red Raid (left hand grab). If the spider is too high to flip flop, I spray and then flip flop when it has dramatically creaked it’s way down the wall. Good plan, takes on average 4 seconds from grab to flop.

    I have taken many measures to get rid of spiders.

    Whilst some workmen were here last summer I asked them to spider proof the outside of the house (after they kindly told me the spiders in the garage must have their own gym they were so big!). Lots of bath sealant in any nooks and crannies around windows and doors and even mesh over ventilating bricks and extractor fans, and I have installed insect netting over windows. Works a treat.

    Also, because spiders taste with their feet, I put a few drops of Citronella oil in a bucket of warm water and wipe surfaces down with it. Apparently they hate the taste! No more spiders on those surfaces, result. (must point out my living room walls are the only ones with wallpaper so I can’t use this method here.)

    Raid is a very good barrier, but it has to be the RED tin of Raid. I spray it on the outside of all door frames and windows once a month. So that’s covered.

    Now you’d think they’d get the message, give up and leave me alone, wouldn’t you? But oh no! They’re back! It rained heavy for the first time in ages yesterday so they thought they would take refuge in my house, dumb asses! Before xmas they were here as well, 2 a night, so big they actually make a tiny clicking noise as they cross the laminate, but at least as they go to run I’ve got an extra few seconds to get the flip flop cos they skid on the shiny surface, ha ha! I pulverize them into the floor! Sorry any people I offend if you think it’s cruel, but they just come back if you let the go, see?

    So how on earth are they getting in? Must be the chimney? Letterbox? ( sit and rack my brains, no, not got a clue.)

    So you see, I come across your blog and read all the comments and go straight to Ebay and by a twin pack of these plug ins you speak of and will sit in silence on the sofa with my flip flop and Raid until the postman delivers them. No problem. Might borrow some Diazepam from me mum to take with a small bottle of Grouse whisky to stop the palm sweating, shallow breathing and sudden whole body twitches. Gonna be a breeze!

    I will only leave my seat to come back on the computer to see if anyone has added their own tips on how to get rid of spiders. come on! rack ya brains! you must know how they get in!

    I thankyou for your blog cos got a feeling the plug ins will help. I will purchase more if need be.

  22. I’ve often thought about therapy! :-)

    I can identify with quite a few of the things you mention. I have a can of red Ant & Cockroach Raid in pretty much every room. There’s nothing worse than seeing a huge spider, having to leave the room to fetch some Raid, only to return to find it gone. Like you, I also spray it occasionally around areas which are ‘known entry points’.

    Haven’t gone to quite the lengths of spider proofing the outside of the house or the Citronella (yet), but I’ll keep those tips in mind!

    Let us know how you get on.

  23. s.akubat said:

    i am intreted in your product how do i go about to perchase it please do contact me on this email thanks

  24. hi just come across your web site do you think these plugs ins would work on wasps as they say they do but im not sure could someone help me please i really hate them xx

  25. s.akubat, it’s not my product – I just happened to buy a couple. Have a look on ebay (which is where I got mine), or they also crop up quite often on TV shopping channels.

    louise, whether they work on anything at all is questionable! :-) Might be worth giving it a go though, can’t do any harm to try anyway – let us know if you have any success.

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