I often can’t remember a film that I watched a few months ago, let alone a couple of years back, so one rather handy consequence of blogging about movies is that it frequently serves me as a useful personal reminder when I’ve long since forgotten about a film. Just a few lines often jogs my memory enough to remember something I perhaps didn’t even write about.

A Lycan.

A Lycan.

Take Underworld: Evolution for example. Ok, that wasn’t my most in-depth review ever, but it was still enough to shake a vague recollection or two from my noggin – those being that Underworld: Evolution was a big mush of greyness, vampires, werewolves, tight pvc trousers, a forgetable plot and general mediocrity.

Having read my previous review before I watched the prequel, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, I took my own advice and tried to concentrate on the plot and resist becoming distracted by, err, other things. (I shouldn’t have bothered!)

Plot-wise, all you really need to know is that the werewolves and vampires don’t like each other, the rest is once again, forgetable stuff. Simple as that really. Same old grey mush only with much less pvc. The only other things to watch out for would be Rhona Mitra, who I think has perhaps been attending the Keanu Reeves School of Acting and the sometimes ropey special effects, which occasionally reminded me of another film. Can’t think what…


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  1. You forgot to mention the over the top love making scene in which Lucian leans back over the cliff edge, with naked Sonia the vampire straddling him!! Bizzare…..
    As for your review of the 2nd film…truely brillant!! Don’t remember that 1st time, but hunt the camel toe should be a pass time for every movie!!??
    Everything else was spot on, including the superb acting by Rhona Mitra…she should have got her kit off, that would have improved her on screen presence no end!!
    One positive thing though, was the fact the Michael Sheen (He of Frost/Nixon) is actually a very good acting & can play different style roles pretty damn well!!

  2. I enjoyed this prequel as much as the first two offerings. It’s true that there isn’t much new beyond the hatred between the Vamps and Lycans. That being said, it is still a good time if you enjoy action and adventure. I thought the ‘Rise of the Lycans’ was entertaining because of the fact that it was taking place in the dark ages and all of the candles and torches gave it an eerie and surreal feeling. I did find the effects where hundreds of werewolves were running through the forest rather amateurish. On the flip side, the man to wolf transformation was professionally done. Thanks for your review and insights.

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