It’s been a question we’ve all thought about at some point. Which celebrity do I most look like?

I know what you’re thinking. I remind you of Johnny Depp, right?

Fortunately, we can now answer that eternal question as those whizzy people over have created a very whizzy face recognition tool. Just upload a clear photo of yourself and it’ll strutt it’s funky stuff and match you to the nearest celeb. It’s all very clever.

So who do I most look like?


Hmmm, that’s right. I’m 61% like Michael Barrymore. Should I be worried about that? Or perhaps I should be more worried of being lynched due to my apparent passing resemblance of Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet.

…and we’ll not mention Missy Elliot.

Oh, I’ll hold my hands up, this isn’t actually the first photo I tried. It originally gave me a 78% match to Anna Nicole Smith! Holy shiiit.

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  1. Dude if you really looked 57% like Jessica Biel and 53% like Neve Campell it would affect our friendship in an alarming and rather disturbing way. Thank god you actually look like a cross between Jasper Carrot and Simon Pegg, ha ha ha.
    That said looking at the picture again I can seeing the resemblance between you and Michael B, but I won’t start worrying until you buy a swimming pool!!!

  2. HA HA HA HA, I kid you not

  3. Cheeky git! LOL! I can see I’m going to have to keep my moobs well strapped down from now on. Especially when I’m swimming in the, errr pool.

    Come to think of it, I don’t ever remember seeing you and David Beckham in the same room together.

    But then I don’t remember you ever being in the same room as Brian Blessed either. Hmmm! ;-)

  4. […] Oh, in the highly unlikely event that you’re wondering… according to MyHeritage, in that photo to the right I look most like Britney Spears. I’m thinking perhaps my beer belly makes me look pregnant, so it’s getting me a little confused with her. […]

  5. […] Supremely confident in my celeb looky-likey spotting skills, I ran the photo to the right through My Heritage for scientific proof. It however, thinks she looks like Sugar Ray Leonard (62%), Buzz Aldrin (58%) and Vin Diesel (56%). Oh well. […]

  6. […] Ever wondered what you’d look like as a Simpsons character?  Errr, no, neither had I until now.  But in a similar face recognition type thing to MyHeritage, SimpsonizeMe can answer the question you didn’t know you wanted the answer to. […]

  7. So… apparently you’re a grab bag of 3 hot chicks, 4 randomish looking men… and… dun dun dun… Missy Elliot?? 52% like her? really… I’m pretty sure you’d have to be at least *somewhat* less pale (and have larger breasts, oh and your shower boobs don’t count)

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