This Morning…

It’s 6am. I’m in the land of Nod, dreaming about Keeley.

Suddenly, I hear a noise. An odd, loud noise. I jolt back into semi-conciousness. Eyes open, I try and make sense of what I heard. Or, what I thought I heard.

60 seconds pass. Nothing. Must’ve been a dream. Half asleep, I close my eyes again.


Eyes open again. WTF was that? I daren’t move. It sounded close. Very close. 3/4 awake now! 30 seconds pass.

“Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhuuuugrrrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

Oh my god! That’s like feet away. What the hell can it be? Wide awake now!

“Uhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrhggggggggghh hurrrrrrrrrrrng hurrrrrrp!!”

Ahh, yes. I know what that is. It’s my stomach growling. Doh! Never been woken up by that before. Ahem.

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