So has anyone else been getting weird creepy calls from an anonymous telephone number lately? I’ve now had it to both my home phone and mobile. Grrr!

An automated voice starts off with something along the lines of:
“This is a free national awareness message…”, then goes on to say something about debts.

I registered both numbers with the TPS ages ago, so there must be something dodgy going on..?

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  1. Steve Johns said:

    Ooh, just got one. Also registered with TPS.

  2. W Jones said:

    Yup – have had several of them recently – one just now. Dialled 1471 and get this number: 001-616-980-2239

    I’m registered with TPS and it’s driving me crazy.

  3. Wow, I’m not the only one then! Michigan USA area code then, thanks W Jones.

    No wonder they aren’t bothering with the TPS list.

  4. Tom Begg said:


    Scotland 18.44 BST and on also the TPS list.

    Has to be a scam, a Government initative to help you with your debts when they are causing them?, no way!

    Press 5 and you’ll be enlightend. Will you hell, some smart ass is getting you to dial them and be charged an expensive phone call.

    A very well spoken voice makes you believe it is official.

    Cutting the line off doesn’t help it hangs on like a leech with the strength of a limpet.

  5. Think you’re onto something here Chris??
    You’re most popular post for a while!!

  6. I’m also on the TPS list and I’ve had one of these. Luckily I was out, so it went through to the 1571 thingy and I just deleted it. I did think it was an international call because since signing up for the TPS I’ve not had any cold calls from this country.

  7. Annoying bastards aren’t they. Perhaps they’re just sequentially dialling through every number range. If they are, I hope it’s costing them a fortune.

  8. Are any of you Ex-Directory? I am and have not had a call so far… am I lucky, feeling left out – or will I get home to find missed calls… oooh the excitement….

  9. Annoyed said:

    I am ex directory Tristyn and I just recieved a call. I just hung up. I am also a member of TPS so I should not be getting these calls.

    Looks like they are using a auto dialer which dials out a sequence of numbers.

    My telephone line is with Virgin Media (ex NTL).

    I also had one in middle of the night a few weeks back. When I hung up it phoned back again about 2 minutes after I hung up. It disruptd thw whole household, wife, kids and even the dogs. It is very annoying.

  10. Got first one just now from 0016169802255 and I am ex directory and registered with TPS. Opens with a recorded message from a male with an american accent saying ‘this is a free public awareness message’, at which point I hung up.

  11. I’m ex-directory too.

  12. Thanks for this blog, glad to see I’m not the only one!

  13. It seems that the “authorities” have been informed:

  14. 0015179312162. I just got one again. Really annoying. I am on TPS and that doesn’t make any difference. Is anyone going to OFF COM?

  15. TPS registered, get these crooks calling every few days.

    1471 shows no number.

    Why can’t OfCom shut them down?

  16. >> Why can’t OfCom shut them down?

    Why would an (apparently) American company take any notice of Ofcom? :-(

  17. I’ve just had one of the message. I hung up and dialled 1471 and had the same number as the rest of you. I’m X directory, but not with the TPS. Looks like I’ll be disconnecting my ‘phone for a few days at night!

    OfCom couldn’t shut down a flea circus (IMHO).

  18. I have just been called by the same idiots.
    This time they use 001 269 768 2019

  19. I just received one of these calls from
    0161 698 02356 – Which is UK based.
    I am ex directory and on the TPS, so I will report it to them.

  20. Tommo, 0161 698 02356 would be too many digits for a UK number. If you put another zero in front of it, it’s another Michigan number – from the same number block as the one in comment #2.

  21. I get the same message several times a month. Got one a few minutes ago and 1471 gave it as 08458676641. The message rattles on even after you have put the receiver down. If its to do with debt perhaps everyone should take up their offer with ficticious information.

    When I get annoying sales calls in the evenings I just string them along for as long as I can. I have no end of quotes for a new double glazed back door!

  22. I get this call most lunch times from 02030515089

  23. deborah said:

    I am ex-directory & receiving these calls. It seems as though nothing can be done about this & the company makes money from you responding to their calls.

  24. We get an average of two of this phone call every week. It is tempting to press 5 just to tell them to #$+& off!
    1471 “does not have the number”.

  25. Rich, I have just missed a call from that number…02030515089…and I’m ex directory.

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