Question: What happens if you find yourself with…?

a) too much time on your hands.
b) an intense disliking for Ricky Gervais.
c) an excellent new geeky Flash 8 book.

Answer: The Ricky Gervais Stress Reliever of course!

Now’s your chance to ease all that pent up aggression and throw bombs at talentless Ricky Gervais’ stupid unfunny fat head…

Be warned! Graphics never were my strong point! 

  • Use the Left and Right arrow keys to survey the lie of the land.
  • Up and Down with the mouse select the throwing angle.
  • Hold the Left Mouse Button down to increase throwing power.
  • Press ESC to restart a game.

Oh by the way, you only get three bombs to finish all 3 levels - no point in making it too easy for such a small game, eh.  And, if you do complete all three, the score is based on time taken from your first throw until your last direct hit... so lower scores are better.

Feel free to pop your score (or any obvious bugs) in the comments.

Sub 5,000 scores easily possible... have fun.

(props to Grant Skinner for the rather cool shape based collision detection class)

Comments on: "The Ricky Gervais Stress Reliever" (7)

  1. Sweet, will be playing that all day. I think you are really getting a hang of this flash thing…and rihanna’s forehead isn’t that big…honest…it’s not….ahhh ok it is, you spoil everything!!!

  2. Got to level 3, ha ha love Shakira Shakira. Its a bit tricky thought, or maybe I just suck.

  3. Haha thanks, it’s not supposed to be easy, so I’m sure you don’t suck at it.

    Yeah, starting to get the hang of it. That book I bought shows you how to write everything in actionscript, which I find is far easier than having everything on the stage and fiddling about with bits of code all over the place. I felt a right dipstick recording those SFX though.

    …and dude, her forehead IS enormous.

  4. Woo hooo, I scored 3561, beat that suckers. Now maybe I should go do some work.

  5. SFX! Man I need to play it with the sound on but I will have to wait until everyone goes home.

    I was just thinking about the whole shared workload thing in flash and had a idea, well ok maybe I should have said I finally understood an idea someone else had. You said you are not very good at graphics, though I think Shakira was spot on, so how about this. You do your game and put in some place holder graphics. You tell me, or someone with actually flash skills, exactly what you want, how big, how many frames, and they produce that in a fresh fla file and send it to you. You then just copy over the movie into your file and bobs your uncle…and he is mine.

    Just an idea…keep up the good work.

  6. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. Quite how you go about starting a design for that I’m not sure, as it could go totally Pete Tong otherwise!

    Might try a simplified version of that ghost thing we talked about next.

  7. […] I’ve been trying to learn a bit of Actionscript / Flash over the last few weeks.  It’s still early days, but I think I’m slowly picking it up.  I kinda bodged my way through The Ricky Gervais Stress Reliever tm the other week, so I thought it was time to have a crack at something a bit different. […]

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