The Matador

I saw After the Sunset (which had Pierce Brosnan in) on DVD a few weeks ago. I’m quite partial to a good crime caper flick. The fact that Salma Hayek was jiggling around in it had nothing to do with my enjoyment of that. Honest.

Anyway, that got me thinking. I really quite enjoyed The Thomas Crown Affair remake too which was on telly not so long ago. Hmmm… that had Pierce Brosnan in aswell, didn’t it. So with that tenuous Brosnan / not bad film link still fresh in my mind, I was quite looking forward to The Matador.

Maybe my hopes were a bit too high then, because I must admit I was a smidge disappointed. In places it is genuinely funny, but the plot is quite weak and it’s a bit unbelievable the way everything unfolds.

Watch Lucky Number Slevin instead! 6/10.

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  1. One of my all time faves is “The Matador”
    and I consider myself a bit of a film buff.
    Well theres no accounting for taste :)

    I like “After the Sunset” also but a bit of a typecast film for Brosnan (Bond-esque)

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