Why is it that the coolest movie spies both have the initials JB? Should I change my name to “Jim Bob” just to be equally cool?

Hmmm, dammit I think I could pull that off.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Anyway. I’ll have to say, I rather enjoyed The Bourne Ultimatum.

True, it has Maaaaatt Daaaaamon in it.
True, it’s Hollywood computerizationification a gogo.
True, it’s not hugely different to the previous two films.
And true, there’s a certain amount of product placement in it.

But all that aside, the “spy style” itself is something Bond should have adopted way back in the Dalton years and I’ll happily admit that the product placement is much less distracting than in Casino Royale. Not many movies are free of it these days anyway – dagnammit.

If I’m honest, I’ve become slightly paranoid after watching this film. Since there’s apparently CIA agents within two minutes of everyone in the entire world, I’ve started to think that perhaps my bosses are also CIA “assets”. At least that’d explain the interrogations I get at work – even if it doesn’t explain the “Intelligence” part.


Oh by the way, did I ever mention that I had a little factoid about The Bourne Ultimatum?

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  1. I enjoyed it, I think it was actually the best of the three. I very much liked how they tied this and the last film so closely together, very clever and made it feel more of an on going story that you ever get from something like a bond movie.

    I’m keeping an eye out for those CIA agents though, scary looking bunch. I have noticed from the films that none of them ever have collars on thier shirts and they all carry manbags. Something to keep an eye out for…ahh the guy on the desk across from me has a manbag!

  2. I was thinking about getting a manbag the other week actually! Until I realised I just needed to pull myself together and stop being so daft as there’s no way I could pull that look off.

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