So what’s the tackiest, most laughable, lowest budget ad on telly at the moment?

My vote goes for this one…

(video now fixed)

…the 85588 advert. Now you might want to be very slightly careful here if you’re at work…

Comically bad!!

Little known, sort of related, bonus factoid:
For years I've thought these text-chat companies (that advertise around the same time that you'd see the one above) have legions of ugly, hairy legged trollops replying to all their messages, but how things have moved on...

Comments on: "Text 85588 Advert" (4)

  1. Sorry but what are you talking about, that was inspired. I’d buy what their selling…er what exactly are they selling again, I wasn’t exactly paying attention to the words?

  2. That ad makes me laugh every time!

    I bet there’s some marketing exec in a Fit Ball company somewhere kicking himself that he didn’t think of that idea first.

  3. richard said:

    are they advertising big air filled balls or bathing costumes? either way it really works well. good adverts like these are really hard to find, well done!!!

  4. I like the fact that there is a Helpline number on the screen!! What can that be for? People addicted to watching girls in bras & knickers bouncing up & down?? If so, I’d better get ringing!!

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