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It’s been an ultra busy week at work.

This morning, a letter lands on my desk from Yellow Pages offering a free business listing.

To avoid adding yet more to the mountain of untouched papers already sitting on my desk, I give them a call straight away.

Firstly, I ask what the catch is. The fella on the other end of the phone tells me there isn’t one. So we talk shop for a while and I tell him about what we do. He asks me a few questions, I answer them. Simple.

Finally, he asks my name. “Chris”, I said, “…and I’ll spell my surname for you…” proceeding then to spell out my last name using the phonetic alphabet.

“Ok, thank you very much, now, is that Miss or Mrs?” he asks.

Not happy.

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  1. Ha ha ha, dude…or should that be dudette. You so don’t sound like a woman on the phone, how the hell did he think that?

  2. I have no idea, but I’ve got a bit of a complex now though!!

  3. Tristyn said:

    The weird thing was that you spoke to him over a videophone!!! My advice is to grow a beard – it worked for Andrew…. now they just ask “what year is it there? are there still Woolly Mammoths readily availble to hunt?”.

  4. i don’t think you’re any more womanly than Rosie O Donnell

  5. how about Ellen DeGeneres?

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