I know what you’re thinking. “Not another fookin’ Level 42 post”. So apologies in advance! It’ll be the last one for a while, promise.

Mark King, Level 42, Basingstoke Retroglide Tour

The Cambridge gig was a few weeks ago. Next stop for us on the tour was a well known hot bed of musical action. That’s right, it could only be… Basingstoke.

We decided to sit through the support act, Kenny Thomas, this time. It wasn’t until his penultimate song that I actually realised who the hell he was. He’d had a cheesy hit in the 90’s with “Thinking About Your Love“. You’d probably know it if you heard it. Faaaascinating, eh.

Level 42 though were blindin’. They sounded much better than the previous gig in Cambridge, but they’d tweaked the setlist ever so slightly.

Probably about two thirds into the gig, a blonde, extremely fit photographer brushed past me and ran down the steps towards the stage (just a few rows in front of me), to take pictures of the band in action. It wasn’t long before she turned her camera onto the crowd for a few more snaps. I couldn’t help think she looked familiar…

Anyway, I think it was perhaps one of the best L42 gigs that I’ve been to. I even got a very limp handshake from Mike Lindup at the end. Bonus!

As we were leaving… who should be making a speedy exit through the stage door? Only “Thunderthumbs” himself, Mark King. He had time for a quick handshake, but alas no photo. Doh!

Retroglide Ticket

He was followed shortly after by Sean Freeman, Gary Husband, Mike Lindup and Nathan King. But wait! Who was that with Nathan? Oooooh, he’s with that photographer! It’s only Helen Chamberlain! (of Soccer AM on Sky One fame). *schwing*

Ok, well you probably have no idea who she is, but I was impressed even if you’re not. She looked straight at me and said “I was taking pictures of you!!!”. That’s right: Helen Chamberlain was taking pictures of me. Ooooooh yes. Get me mingling with the stars again and appearing in their photo albums. She was absolutely stunning in real life and a very friendly lady… she even posed for a photo too.

Helen Chamberlain after the Level 42 Basingstoke gig

Told you she was fit… Get in!!

*Update* Just realised I’ve been blogging for a year today! Never thought I’d keep it up… oooooh matron, although my sage like prediction is pretty true!

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  1. Get in indeed!!! I thought you had pulled for a second, possibly because I still have no idea who she is, you actually look really good together. I wonder if pictures of you will appear on her blog?!?!?!

  2. Ahh, don’t think she has a blog… but I’m sure she’s printed them out and put them all over her wall.

    I might have to do a “Borat” on her…. lol

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