(Errr, may contain mild spoilers…!)

Maybe my expectations were just too high of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  However, let’s face it, we are talking about Indiana-frickin-Jones here.

Don’t worry, it’s not another Phantom Menace.  In fact, if this had been anything other than an Indiana Jones movie – I might’ve loved it.  But it is and unfortunately, I can’t say that I do.

For some reason, I found it quite hard to buy into the second half of the film with the whole alien thing – I think it just went too far.  Even though when I think about it, it’s not really any more unbelieveable than the Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant storylines.  Plus, it didn’t help having the woman from Raiders of the Lost Ark turn up, as there wasn’t even a hint of the on-screen chemistry between her and Dr Jones that we saw originally.

Some of the CGI effects looked dodgy, like the car chase along on the cliff top and the sword fight scenes in particular, while others – like the finale, looked fantastic.  The nuclear thing with the fridge was clever, but ultimately very daft and the Tarzan sequence, oh, the Tarzan sequence…

So what do we think?  Love it or hate it?  Worth the 19 year wait?  Shia LeBeouf being primed to take over the lead role in Indy 5?  Gawd help us.


(On the upside, I don’t think Shia LeBeouf said “no no no” once)

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  1. As always you have hit the nail on the head, though it does sound like I enjoyed it slightly more than you did. I agree, the whole sci-fi bit just didn’t fit. Indy has always been about the occult and the supernatural not science fiction. He just doesn’t work in that genre. I understand why they went that way and it does fit in well with the whole 50s mentality but still it just didn’t feel right. Which is a real pity as I felt the first two thirds of the movie were real classic indiana jones stuff.

    As you said if it hadn’t been Indy then I would’t have had any issue with it at all. It was good fun, the action scenes were well done, though I agree about the some of the effects on the jungle bit but we expected that from the trailer, and Harrison Ford was great and I was impressed how many of the stunts he clearly did himself. But yeah, it didn’t feel right for Indy and maybe not worth the 19 year wait.

    I’ll still buy it on DVD when it comes out though.

  2. Once again Chris makes everyone elses review look crap in comparison & once again you are completely on the ball with the review!!
    I wont repeat you or Andrew…but it after 19years wait it was a bit of a dissapointment. Everything was fine until the jungle scenes, the poor special effects & then the whole alien thing just went a bit too far!!
    However, it was worth a watch for 2 hours…
    keep up the good work Chris!!

  3. tristyn said:

    So what are you guys trying to say… this is all just fiction… I won’t believe it… A guy at work has a brother who is going out with this girl who went on holiday to Spain with her best friend who was originally living in a small town in South Africa where the sheriff had once travelledd to the Amazon for a team building exercise… anyway – apparently he saw a bloke with a large head like the aliens in the film… so it’s got to be true…hasn’t it?

  4. Ahhh, you guys! ;-)

    Tristyn, it could’ve been a large headed alien – or maybe Rihanna was just on holiday.

  5. Hilarious! silly hilarious brilliantly orchestrated!!

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