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Get Him to the Greek

Russell, I think you've misunderstood the whole car/penis extension thing.

I realise that I’ve just lost the attention of 99% of my readers, so it doesn’t really matter what I say from now on in this review, but if you are still here, I’ll continue.

InĀ Get Him to the Greek, Russell Brand reprises his role of Aldous Snow from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Snow is a has-been rock star, looking to make his comeback and regain his popularity after his last album flopped and ruined his career. The record company decide to hold a concert to mark the anniversary of Snow’s highest career point, and one of their assistants (Jonah Hill) is tasked with making sure their biggest star arrives at the Greek theatre on time.

Except Aldous Snow is just a bit of an awkward bugger. He’s a non-stop party-going rock ‘n roller with a drink and drug problem and is also nigh on impossible to control. Will they “get him to the Greek” in time?

Meh, enough of that. Is Get Him to the Greek any good? Well, the first 30 minutes or so is bad. By which, I mean REALLY dire. Piddly-Diddly’s scenes as the big cheese of the record company are arse clenchingly unfunny. From there though, it could only ever improve and with the bar firmly just placed on the ground, any mildly amusing quip is welcome. To be fair, it does pick up in the final two thirds and there are a few genuinely funny lines and the odd memorable scene to be had.

But would I recommend it? Well, no, I can’t say I would.


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  1. Can I be the first person to notice the first letters of Blogalism Automated Siren To Allieviate Reader Discomfort spell out BASTARD? I can? Thanks! :-D

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