If there was an award for the funniest, (real) name in the world, who would you nominate?

Surely this poor guy should be in with a shout?

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  1. ha ha ha, I thought this was something else for a moment there and that you had beat me to a story. But you haven’t so you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what I am talking about.

  2. I’d nominate this guy http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/868/691

    LOL ROFL etc.

  3. I actually thought it was going to be about Randy Bumgardener too….heard his name on the news the other day!!
    Then again the other names are pretty good….Lisa Minge & Gay Serach!!?? Ha ha

  4. Haha, Randy Bumgardner is a great name – one of my favourites so far I reckon. Chap in my office says they were talking about him on HIGNFY the other day.

    Welcome Bender and Gay Search should get married though!

  5. the funnest name is Hahihehe

  6. A couple of new entries via Broadpaul:

    Batman Bin Suparman (which looks legit!)…


    …Phani Tikkala, which I’m not quite sure is pukka or not!!

  7. i knew sum 1 called peter file C: say it pretty fast XD

  8. Hahaha Randy Smallwood is one that always cracks me up

  9. kayleigh crowther said:

    This guy who works in my local supermarket was scanning my things and I asked him his name and it was Scaba Laba Ding Dong! It even said it on his name tag on his jacket its soooooooooooo funny! Hahaha!

  10. His full name was Mason Jason Clayson Sparrow it is so funny XD
    Also I once knew someone called Lilisandrina Gracelindina Anniekiah Thendropia haha what a name!!! she goes by Lili Grace Anne Thendropia or Lili

  11. well this guy in North America who served at my hotel was rather named SitHole Wanaer. (Shithole)

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