I quite liked the first Final Destination film. I’d never even heard of it until we bought tickets for it. I obviously had no idea what kind of film to expect. It was gruesome, shocking and fingers-over-the-eyes cinema at times. It never attempted to be Oscar winning material, but was still entertaining in a sick kinda way.

The second FD film took the gorefest further. You knew the deaths were going to come, it was more of a case of trying to second guess just how it was going to happen each time. Again, sickly entertaining.

Final Destination 3 then… Having seen the two previous films, before you sit down, you know:

1. That the plot will probably be roughly the same again.
2. It’ll probably be very gruesome.
3. You probably won’t be able to guess how the characters are going to cark it.

So what do you get? Well, I don’t think it’s giving much away to say the plot is indeed very similar to the previous two films! It is also (shock! horror!) very gruesome.

The odd thing is, there’s more ‘death signposting’ in this film than the other two put together. It’s always very, very clear when someone is about to snuff it. Sadly, when it becomes so obvious it starts to feel very routine. You need something slightly more from the series but it never quite delivers.

On a positive note, it’s short enough to hold your attention and there’s a few gratuitious norks thrown in this time… which is never a bad thing, eh! 6/10

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