Bag o’ Crap

The other week, Paul ordered a Bag of Crap from Big Pockets. It’s a genius marketing idea, and I just had to get my own piece of this crapola action.

So what was in my Bag o’ Crap?

Blogalism TV was there to catch all the grand opening action…

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  1. Dude! Are you like a tiny person or something. That picture is really rather disorientating. It looks like a box of CDRs and a bottle of beer on a desk and then this tiny person comes along. Weird. Now I will watch the rest of the video.

  2. Ahhh bad luck dude, looks like a big stinking bag o’ crap to me!! I think the cd wallets & filing sysytem (not cable ties) are for the CD storage box it all came in!! You can get about £10 for those on Ebay…
    On the plus side, you did get a weather plug socket & another scart lead!!
    Also, a very well produced video of the grand opening…Hope you sent that to big pockets – might get £50 for it!! Not too sure on the theme tune tho……
    Oh well, better luck next time…if indeed there is a next time!!??

  3. I spot someone too embarressed to show his face infront of the camera….

    I think we should swede the clip… hows this:

    Andrew opens his bag o crap to find…
    1) A red and white large handerchief
    2) An Afganistan-British pocket dictionary
    3) A fake UK Passport
    4) A Mobile rocket launcher
    Can you see where this is going?
    5) AK47
    6) Pile of freshly shaved pubic hair and a prit-stick (Team America)
    7) A badge saying “My name is Gary”

    Can’t think of anything else – but feel free to add…

  4. Paul, yer right – it was a bit of a stinking bag of crap! What was wrong with the music?! “Fiiiish and chiiiips! I was actually going to use 2001: A Space Odyssey music, which would’ve actually been slightly appropriate but it was way too short to fit over the grand opening nicely. Not sure there will be a next time…!

    Tristyn, damn right I wasn’t going to show my face on camera. I know your video editing skills!

  5. Your one was better than mine, at least you got a metal box. I got

    400 CD/DVD wallet (£3.99 on their website woo-hoo)
    4xAA batteries (unknown brand)
    3 small CD/DVD cases
    about 30 cheap blank CD/DVDs which were loose in the box and therefore scratched and unusable

    Yeah, so it’s worth £3, but when I see people with VOIP phones and 4Gb MP3 players I do think they could have at least wrapped up the blank discs, otherwise I’m just disposing of their rubbish for them.

  6. wtbh was that music load of crap, still nice to see that you have entertained me for about 2 mins of my life thanks.


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