Yes Man

Yes Man

Tie me kangaroo down sport.

I’ve finally managed to drag myself away from playing You Have to Burn the Rope. I think I’ve just about broken the back of it, but cheating by reading through a couple of walkthroughs probably helped me a lot (there be spoilers), as did watching the speedrun on Youtube (more spoilers). Who needs a Wii or Xbox when you’ve got action-packed, brain-taxing, entertaining games like YHTBTR to pit your wit against? Pffft.

But anyway.

Back on the 5th of March 2007, I did a very unusual thing…

…I bought a book.

Proof! Email confirmation from Amazon!

Proof of purchase! Email confirmation from Amazon.

I can probably count the number of proper books I’ve read (ie ones that haven’t heavily featured a very hungry caterpillar or Spot the dog) on one hand. As a rule of thumb, if it’s not on the Internet, nor in Nuts or Zoo then I won’t have read it.

What is this lucky book I hear you cry? Well, it’s Yes Man, by Danny Wallace. And after, errr, being in my possession now for about 679 days, I can proudly declare that I’m about half way through it. It’s not a bad book, far from it, what I’ve read so far has been quite entertaining. Trouble is, I’m a slow reader who procrastinates a lot (filthy habit). No matter how good, once I put a book down I’ll find any excuse not to pick it up again.

It was almost a relief then when I saw that Yes Man had been made into a film. I mean, for me, that just solves my problem totally. Just turn up, sit back and watch it all unfold in front of me. None of this old fashioned “reading” nonsense. None of this quaint moving your eyes from left-to-right, 50 times a page malarky. Phew.

So did I enjoy the movie version of Yes Man after such a long love/hate relationship with the book? Well not particularly if I’m honest. It wasn’t great. Let’s face it, it’s pretty difficult to get too excited about seeing Jim Carrey go back to a now tired routine he was doing fifteen years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible and it wasn’t as bad as some of the drivel we’ve been to see in recent months, it just should’ve been so much better. There are a few funny moments, mostly involving the bank manager, Norman, but overall I wasn’t that taken by it. Like the book though, it did make me think that I should say “yes” more. Unless you ask me to recommend this film to you, in which case I’d still say “No, wait until it comes on telly” or something.

To sum up, if you have the choice between the two media: read the book. The first half anyway.


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  1. Can’t believe you actually brought a book…although you beat me to the only read Nuts or Zoo line!! Bah..

  2. More importantly… Your screen capture from teh film reminds me so much of someone – but I just can’t put my finger on it…. hmmm, I will have to go away and try and rack my brains on this one….

  3. It was still better than the breakup!

  4. Did that game really take you a long time to play or are you just messing with me….I feel like I missed something.

    On the subject of books I have just finished reading Bad Science by Ben Goldache which I highly recommend. Very good, very interesting and all ready the things I learnt in it have come up in conversation at least three times this week.

    Oh and Tristyn I am not going to rise to your bait.

    • Yeah, I was just messing. Just thought it was a great game for people with a short attention span like myself! Love the choon at the end of it though, very catchy.

  5. whoops, spelt his name wrong, its Ben Goldacre not Goldache

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