If you’d been visiting the cinema when X-Men: First Class was out, you’d probably have been thinking:

“Oh for the love of God, not more X-Men bollocks!”

X-Men: First Class

It's a Marvel film, therefore the bad guy must wear a silly hat. It's like, the law.

I certainly was.

Imagine my surprise then, when I found X-Men: First Class to be rather enjoyable. I know, I can hardly believe I’m saying that either.

Yeah, the ending dragged on a little, but X-Men: First Class was overall surprisingly good. James McAvoy made a pretty good Jean Luc Picard stand-in too.


Now, if I had watched this film a bit more recently than, err, June, I could’ve perhaps reviewed it better. Unfortunately, I haven’t so I can’t…

So here’s a picture of a random hamster instead.


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