GhostbustersAfter years and years of speculation, it’s finally looking like Ghostbusters 3 is going ahead, with Judd Apatow of 40 Year Old Virgin fame producing it. Who’s going to be in it? No official word yet, but my Google-fu makes me think it’s likely the original 4 would all be back.

Ok, perhaps it’s way too early to start writing this off, but after the HUGE disappointment of Indiana Jones 4, do we really want another Ghostbusters film after such a long break?

So what do you think? A quick poll…

Will Ghostbusters 3 suck?

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  1. Is this just an excuse to use a button vote app?? Cool…If you told me how to that, I could do it for my HOT or NOT posts!!??

    • Sort of! It’s a plugin called WP-Polls, I can pretty easily stick it on your blog too if you want me to?

  2. Cool plugin, still trying to work out/find a good one to do quiz type things.

  3. Go for it Chris…I’ll give it a go next time!!

    • Paul, done! Have a play with your new buttons. Drop me a line if you need any help.

      Andrew, check your email regarding the Quiz plugin.

  4. Ohhhh… thats a difficult question! it seems as if we are being slowly enveloped by a ghostbusters revival… which to be honest I am loving!

    The game, the movie…. and to top it off Ray Parker Jnr is planning on re-releasing the theme tune “who u gonna call” lol

    I found the coolest link on youtube

    • Hi Daisy, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Sort of.

      However, I totally disagree that your Youtube link above is even remotely “cool”…

      You see, your IP address gives you away as actually being from a PR company called Good Relations, which is part of the Bell Pottinger Group, and shock horror, it doesn’t take much Googling to find that “The Number” (ie 118 118) is one of your clients. It also looks like you’ve been going around posting the same comment almost word for word elsewhere. Presumably this, this and this is also your handy work?

      People are welcome to comment here, but if you’re just someone who has been copying and pasting a pre-written comment for the last few weeks desperately trying to promote a company, then in reality you’re just spamming people’s websites and blogs, and that ain’t cool in my book. I’m 99.9% sure that “Good Relations” don’t really want to be known as spammers, do you?

      I realise PR companies such as yourselves try to generate ‘internet buzz’ all the time with thinly disguised spam/paid comments, but please don’t do it on my blog. Just my 2p.

  5. Good shout Chris….Who you gonna call?? SpamBusters!!

    • Thank you, thank you! “Got their number”…

      It would’ve been easier just to delete that comment, but I really do get sick to death of comment spam sometimes, even if it is vaguely on topic and manually submitted.

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