Toy Story 3 3D

Ok, I might be slow… but I get there in the end.

Toy Story 3 has probably been and gone from the cinema by now, so just in the nick of time for the DVD release… let me get on with reviewing it (fortunately, I can’t imagine anybody relying solely on me to fulfil all their film review needs. If you do though, well, whoops).

Insert your own favourite "Woody" gag here.

Insert your own favourite one-eyed "Woody" gag here.

So, Andy is all grown up and moving off to college (let’s just hope he doesn’t still write his “N’s” backwards, otherwise he might be home again quite soon).

Like most older kids, Andy hasn’t played with his toys in ages, and as a result they’re all feeling a little dusty and unloved. Now seventeen years old, Andy apparently doesn’t like playing with his Woody or giving his Potato Head lots of attention and these days he no doubt prefers to go ram-raiding and happy slapping instead.

Whilst he’s packing, Andy decides to take just one toy with him to college. However, through an unfortunate series of events, Woody and co end up being donated to the local kids daycare instead. With the chance of being played with again by brand new kids, perhaps things have turned out for the best for our toys? Then again, maybe not, as there are strange things afoot at Sunnyside Daycare, as all isn’t what it initially appeared…

Ok, now don’t get me wrong here – Toy Story 3 is a good film. A great film in fact, but…

Is the third instalment the best Toy Story yet? No, probably not to be honest.
Was the 3D fantastic? Well, I must admit I forgot it was even in 3D most of the time (although toning the 3D down in favour of the storyline was perhaps the whole point).
The film was also generally not as funny as I thought it might be and I must say, nowhere near as sad and emotional as I was led to believe either.

All that said, Toy Story 3 still knocks the spots of most films you’re likely to see this year. Should they make any more? Errr, no. Let’s just leave the series there now, shall we?


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