So has anyone else been getting weird creepy calls from an anonymous telephone number lately? I’ve now had it to both my home phone and mobile. Grrr!

An automated voice starts off with something along the lines of:
“This is a free national awareness message…”, then goes on to say something about debts.

I registered both numbers with the TPS ages ago, so there must be something dodgy going on..?

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  1. t wheeler said:

    Every day, all day till I answer for the last couple of years, it’s making me sick. It’s a con to make you press 2 and pay money and I think they got the numbers from government sources like rent offices, town halls and voting information. We should be allowed to sue them for invading our privacy. I have no debts.

    (admin edit: added punctuation and removed all caps)

  2. Just had one on my mobile – so STILL going on!

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