Eurovision 2014 - Copenhagen

So who’s going to a Eurovision party tomorrow night?  What?  Just me?  Oh. Well, should you want to get into the spirit of things, here’s some handy decorations and games to help the evening along!

  • The Eurovision Flags (courtesy of Wikipedia). [updated for 2014! see note below]
  • Scorecards, Eurovision games, cocktails and food. [updated for 2014! see note below]
  • Terry Wogan mask (originally from the Terrence Higgins Trust, but now re-hosted here as the original link is broken).

Sorted.  Anyone got any other must-have stuff?

update 6/5/2014: BBC’s 2014 scorecards, sweepstake, party food ideas and other stuff and Eurovision 2014 flags for those that want them!

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  1. Tristyn said:

    So Chuffed mate – as we are having one at Ann’s parents tonight… Emily was going to make a chart – but you have saved us so much time… May even wear the mask after the contest…

  2. Glad to be of service! Hope the party went well matey. ;-)

    Now if only I could get that “My Secret Combination” song out of my head…!

  3. tristyn said:

    Do you think she was talking about her chastity belt?

  4. Haha! You could be onto something there:

    “My secret combination
    It’s a mystery for you
    Use your imagination
    I’m not easy but I’m true”

  5. Only saw the last part of it but seems a waste of time to me…ever country just seems to vote for their friends or neighbours!! No wonder we came last being an island & peeing everyone off by going to war!!
    The only saving grace is Wogan taking the mick out of the whole competition…
    Having said that, I would have love to have seen you dancing around your house on your own Saturday night Chris…..;-)

  6. They really hate us don’t they!

    It is a bit stupid with all the block voting going on. No real way of stopping that (unless all the countries perform anonymously – and the technicalities of that would probably make it impossible).

    Would be a shame not to take part though just because we don’t win. “Oh look, those crazy brits have thrown their toys out of their pram…”

  7. Thanks for the flags, I will be using them tonight.

  8. cool i liked!!!!

  9. Googled “eurovision flags” and you came top!
    Thanks for the download :)

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