The A-Team

I’m still stupidly behind with my film reviews (but meh, when am I not?), so allow me to catch up a little more with… The A-Team.

I pity the fool

An A-Team film? Next you'll be telling me they're going to make a MacGyver movie! Sorry, whaaa? They are?

The film starts off in pre A-Team days. Hannibal is off to rescue his buddy Faceman from being killed by some bad dudes, and en-route he happens to meet BA and enlists his help. After a successful rescue, the three then pick up a new chopper pilot, Murdock, who helps them escape and promptly scares the crap out of BA with his dodgy flying skills.

The A-Team is born.

Skip forward a few years and it’s not before they get framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Fortunately, they promptly escape from a maximum security stockade and find themselves wanted by the government. They have no choice but to survive as soldiers of fortune.

You’d be forgiven if you watched the A-Team trailer and thought it looked a little rubbish. “WTF? A flying tank scene?” Ok, well, it is a bit crap. There’s some dodgy CGI and it’s not exactly Academy Award material. To be fair though, it’s not as bad as you might think. Yeah it’s unbelievable (or just plain impossible), but it’s actually kinda fun if you just go along with it and treat it like the brainless action movie that The A-Team was only ever going to be.


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