Emma Thompson or Hugh Grant?I didn’t realise until last night just how much Emma Thompson looks like Hugh Grant.

Supremely confident in my celeb looky-likey spotting skills, I ran the photo to the right through My Heritage for scientific proof. It however, thinks she looks like Sugar Ray Leonard (62%), Buzz Aldrin (58%) and Vin Diesel (56%). Oh well.

So the film, Stranger Than Fiction then…

If you’re expecting a Will Ferrell movie that contains gratuatious tits. This isn’t it (sadly).

It’s basically Will Ferrell’s attempt at a Truman Show style film. Except he’s trapped in a book about his life. Ferrell’s not exactly got great acting skills and can’t quite pull it off. Saying that, it’s still a reasonable watch. More due to Maggie Gyllenhaal though – because she is just soooo incredibly cute. Gooood morrrrrrnin’.

Oh, and without giving anything away… if Eiffel’s books were real, they would have possibly the crappest most dull endings…


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  1. Again another spot on review that sums up what the film was about and how good it was in about a tenth of the words I would have used.
    Now that you say it Emma Thompson does look scarily like hugh grant…I have a sudden urge to punch her in her smug arogant posh tofty face.
    I have to admit that her books did seem a touch on the dull side, I can just picture comic book guy from the simpsons “worst ending ever!”
    But like you said, Maggie Gyllenhaal…mmmmmmm nice! I’ve always rather liked her.

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