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How many ears does Spock have again?

How many ears does Spock have again?

You know, I had my doubts about the new Star Trek film.

I mean, Captain Kirk will always be William Shatner, right? Everyone knows that, surely? It just wouldn’t be right to have someone else play him, would it? And Spock… well that role is forever associated with Leonard Nimoy, isn’t it? Always will be.

The thing is, those two characters are cultural icons from the original Star Trek series. Even a non-Trekkie like myself can appreciate that. So when you hear that a new Star Trek film is being made, with the original characters – but not the original cast and that JJ Abrams (*cough* Clovershit *cough*) was directing it… well you can’t blame some people for being a bit skeptical.

That's no moon!

That's no moon!

And after watching the first ten minutes or so of the new Star Trek, you might indeed be inclined to quickly escape the cinema or hurriedly eject the DVD, before you had to endure any more of the stinky cheese vomit fest that was unfolding in front of you. Ok, there’s a point to copious quantity of Stilton, but I didn’t particularly like having to re-taste my half-digested lunch that I’d eaten 9 hours prior to get to it.

Fortunately, after the titles roll, things pick up significantly and you quickly forget about your earlier trip to the JJ Abrams Cheese Factory. In fact, there’s quite a bit of humour, and you soon start to actually even like the new chap playing Kirk.  It also has a nice pace to it and one by one you’re introduced to the other main characters from the original series, who are (mostly) quite likeable too. Oh, and the CGI is really quite impressive too.

I’ll not spoil the plot. But let’s just say there’s a white hole involved. Kinda spewing time back into the universe… (ok, I’ll not go on with that, otherwise I’ll be writing this post all night). But yeah, there is a (sort of) white hole and a bit of time travel going on. Think along the lines of original Spock, new Spock, bad guy with a grudge, Enterprise crew being trained up and you can probably fill in the blanks yourself.

Ok, so it’s not all good, there are way, way, way too many lens flares throughout which get a bit annoying after a while, the Romulans all kinda looked the same to me and there are a few borderline awful accents involved (much like the original series then!), but they’re pretty minor gripes as it’s really a pretty decent action sci-fi film.

All in all, it’s quite engage-ing. Go and watch it. In fact, make it so.  8/10.

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  1. Good review dude…even for a Trekee like you!!
    However, your puns are terrible….Your bad!!

  2. The answer is 3.

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