Sex Drive



What do you get if you cross American Pie, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Road Trip?

Sex Drive of course!

If you’ve seen the three films above, you’ll already know exactly what sort of beast will have been created from breeding those three animals together.

If you’ve not, then in a nutshell, our main character, Ian, isn’t very lucky with women. Quite possibly because he spends quite a lot of time dressed in a Mexican donut costume. Even his younger 14 year old brother is seeing more action than he is. So when he meets a hot girl online who promises him a shag, he decides to steal his older brothers prized car and head across country to go lose his cherry. His two best mates tag along for the ride, so everything is set for a nice road trip. Nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?

It’s one of those movies that you really need to be in the mood for. And fortunately for me, I was. It’s kinda stupid, puerile and crude, so I realise that it’s never going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought it was bluddy funny. Sometimes you just want stupid, puerile and crude from a comedy, don’t you!

Alright, so it’s perhaps nothing new or that original, but I’m sure it’ll still be one of the better comedies I watch this year. 8/10.

Oh, and on a vaguely related note, before the film started we got this trailer…

Dunno about you, but I’m sold.

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  1. I have been checking all week for you review of Sex Drive… Even if just so Paul really feels gutted he missed the topless Amish Girls…. As for Lesbian Vampires…. You remember my comment about them… wonder if it will be one of the jokes in the film…

    • Paul would’ve loved it, right up his street! Even the car looked just a bit like the General Lee. So he should feel gutted – I don’t know, the old “on call” excuse indeed. Pffft! ;-)

      They’ll have missed a trick in LVK if they don’t make a similar crude joke to the one you made! Most amusing!

  2. I am truely gutted….maybe I’ll give Frost/Nixon a miss tonight & go see this!! Then again there’s always tomorrow – who wants to see Role Models anyway….
    You know I’d have been there if I wasn’t on call – even the thought of topless Amish girls sounds like it needs to be seen to be believed!!
    As for the car….sweet!! One question – Does it come with a girl ready to pee in the radiator if required?
    However, I have worked out one thing….Why Andrew didn’t go & see it!!?? He said its that its not his cup of tea & how he finds that type of film silly & crude…well I’m not so sure!!
    By the looks of your review – change the donut costume to pirate outfit or cowboy hat & meeting a girl online to meeting a girl at work, who happens to be moving out of the country, & hey it all makes sense!!
    Bet you never knew it was based on Andrew before you saw it eh?? Which leads me to ask – Who were the 2 best mates meant to be? Me, You or Tris??? ;-)

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