Hang on, this isnt Sparta...?

"Are you sure this is Sparta..?"

I went to see a pre-release screening of RocknRolla yesterday (cheers Paul & Tris). It was obviously such a special screening that it warranted having a pair of bouncers on the door asking for ID’s, who then also proceeded to stand near the front throughout the film checking the audience over with a night vision camera. Is there a big market for pirate Guy Ritchie films then?

Anyway, RocknRolla…

The full plot is pretty bloomin’ convoluted, so I’ll try not to spoil it. The short version would simply be that it’s a rehash of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, except this time everyone is chasing a painting instead of a pair of shotguns. On top of that, there’s dodgy property deals aplenty and about nine thousand interlinked characters involved along the way.

There’s a few funny bits, like the well ‘ard Russian heavies and the Handsome Bob subplot, but I wasn’t troubled with moist pants. There’s just enough humour to break up the violence really!

I’m sure you get the general gist. If you don’t, just watch the trailer and you will then – it does exactly what it says on the tin. You know, I reckon RocknRolla will do reasonably well (at least in the UK), even though it doesn’t really contain anything particularly new. I can’t see it setting the rest of the world on fire – but at least it’s quite entertaining and worth a watch.

Oh, and it should’ve also been released about 6 months ago, because the ‘booming property market’ that they talk about in the film is long since gone. Whoops. Bad times! On the plus side though – Madonna isn’t in it. Good times!

7/10. (including a bonus point for being a film that you could watch more than once, even if it is only to work out what the bluddy hell happened the first time around).

If you go see it, let me know what you think.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it dude….Did the heavies on the door check your id then? They didn’t twig that you weren’t me then??
    Other than that, it sounds pretty good…if not a little all over the shop!!
    Did you go on your own?
    Don’t you think it should also get an extra bonus point for being free too?

  2. Yeah, they asked for it, but I smiled innocently and told I didn’t have any ID on me.

    Oooh, I’m not THAT generous with my bonus points.

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