You’d think that when you work for a paint company, you wouldn’t really have to deal with that many irate people. I mean, it’s only paint for crying out loud. But no… it’s eeediot central.

It’s seems there’s no end of morons out there who will happily spray their whole house before checking to see if is actually designed to go on the surfaces their putting it on. So that’s my fault apparently.

Some more examples:

“How do I remove paint?”
“Have you tried some… paint remover?”
“Oh, OK, thanks.”

“What’s 300 millilitres in imperial?”
“Oh, about half a pint off the top of my head, I think.”
“Half a pint.”
“Hahaha, no in inches.”
“Yes! Are you deaf?
“You mean 300 milli*metres* then?”
“Errr, yes.”


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