Regular readers (ahem) should notice a change today and what better day for a website refresh than on the dawn of a new decade? (Yeah, I know people argue that this isn’t the start of a new decade, but whatever)

It’s “bye bye” to Blogalism’s simple, minimalist look and “hello” to the colourful, all bells and whistles era. I’m sure you’ll find your way around pretty easily, but if you spot any problems, ie broken links or stuff just not working as you think it should, then please shout up.

If you’d like your own personalised avatar to show up next to any comments you make, just create a Gravatar. It’s pretty easy stuff and only takes a minute. It’ll also show up in any other forums and blogs you participate on (if they support Gravatars too). Bonus.

Anyway, I’m still not entirely happy with it, but I’m sure it’ll evolve over time just like the last incarnation did, but let me know what you think of the new look in the mean time…

Oh, and Happy New Year folks. :-)

Comments on: "Out with the old, in with the new…" (5)

  1. Ooooo fancy.

  2. Ohh – I like it, very 2010…..
    Maybe, I might actually blog something on mine in the next 3 months!!
    Do you see my Gravatar then?

  3. I’m guessing that there are a number of fancy plugins on this new styley thing. You will have to let me know what they are so that I can steal them for my own nefarious purposes.

    • Andrew, there’s no extra plugins above what I was using before. Most extra stuff is either part of the theme or just stuff that’s part of WordPress that I just wasn’t using previously.

      Paul, yep that’s showing up, much better!

  4. If I actually had the time I suppose I could change the layout of my site too….but think I might be a it busy in the coming months!!
    Very Nice Chris – I look forward to lots more fun posts then…

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