Nuisance Calls

Grrr! I fookin’ hate this Missed Call telemarketing shit.

The most recent one I’ve been getting is from 020 7054 6030. After the fifth call where they just hang up when you answer it, I rang ’em back enraged to tell them exactly whereabouts I was going to stick my mobile if they ever rang me again.

…but no… you can’t even do that. It’s just a flipping recorded message saying how sorry they are if their telemarketing pissed me off. ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!

I’ve registered my mobile with the TPS… but frankly, why should I have to?

*breathe* …and relax…

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  1. […] I haven’t had a single call from 02070546030 since I registered with the TPS. They may be a bunch of complete sockcookers, but at least they seem to respect the TPS list. […]

  2. […] registered both numbers with the TPS ages ago, so there must be something dodgy going […]

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