I tried out the website Gender Analyzer today. Apparently, after running a unique artificial intelligence text classifier on my blog, they can say with 65% certainty that Blogalism…

… is written by a man.

Gender Analyzer

Wait a second, only 65 percent? My writing style is 35% female then, is it? Should I be worried that I write like a girl more than a third of the time? Because I am worried, and the revelation that I come across as distinctly womanly has done little to improve the state of my mid-life crisis.

Trying to look for positives, perhaps offsetting my sheer manliness with a hint of femininity isn’t such a bad thing? Maybe it means that if I embrace the ‘inner woman’ in me who has seemingly been trying desperately to escape means that I can actually connect with the opposite sex on a level not seen since that time Mel Gibson fell in the bath with his hairdryer?

The sad thing is that I don’t think that I can even claim that the ‘Gender Analyzer’ got confused by the pure interleckshewalness of my ramblings, as the ‘Readability Test’ also analysed my blog and reported it as having an ‘Elementary School’ reading level. So not only do I write a bit like a girl, but a primary school one at that! Doh!

Anyway we’re coming up to a new year, so don’t be surprised if Blogalism features lots of posts about football, wrestling, jubblies and highbrow topics such as Higgs boson particles in 2009 as I attempt to increase my literary testosterone and boost my overall ‘reading level’.

Sorry, did I say football, wrestling and Higgs boson particles? I just meant jubblies.

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  1. Apparently mine is elementary level as well… yay me… won’t tell me if i’m male or female though

  2. Ok I’m going to have to steal this idea for a post…if I can every get the website to work that is. That said my website apparently reads at a Junior High level. In your face elementary school.

  3. thats it… i’m heartbroken now

  4. It worked! Sorta! it thinks I’m a man!… or gender neutral…

    Does this mean I’m butch? I don’t feel very butch… perhaps I should cut my hair…

    • Hmmm, gender neutral eh. Well at least that’s like saying they think you’re some kind of mysterious, masked communication ninja who gives nothing away about their gender and instead uses the power of language alone to get their point across.

      But if it makes you feel better and really want to butch yourself up a bit, you could always cut your hair and use the offcuts to make some kind of Team America style disguise? Or just start saying “pull my finger” a bit more. That’d work too. ;-)


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