Kung Fu Panda 2

Be honest, who hasn't tried lighting their own farts?

Would you believe there are currently 8 films on my “I really should get around to reviewing that before it’s shown on telly” list? Yep, an eight film backlog is pretty slack even by my inefficient reviewing standards, but meh, I’ve been busy. Again.

I think we can all agree then that I’m no blogging ninja. Kung Fu on the other hand…

Well, I’m no good at that either to be fair. But I know a panda who is. That’s right, I’m talking about Po in Kung Fu Panda 2 (completely seamless segue there, huh).

Po has almost mastered the art of Kung Fu, but he’s been given one more challenge by Master Shifu: to find inner peace. There’s not much time for that however, as Po is soon called into action with the other Kung Fu Masters to defend an attack by evil Lord Shen’s henchmen. The Furious Five and Po fend them off, but not before Po becomes distracted by a strange symbol on the armour of the attackers. Why does it suddenly make him doubt his origins? What’s Lord Shen up to?

As far as reviews go, I’m keeping this one pretty short and sweet (or should that be “sweet and sour”? Skadoosh!). Let’s just say that I enjoyed Kung Fu Panda 2 slightly more than the original. Again, it’s not hilarious, but it’s got a solid story, nice visuals and is very watchable. Plus you can have a pretty good game of putting names to all the famous voices if your mind does start to wander. Bonus.


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