Must be some kind of... 'Hot Tub Time Machine'.

Must be some kind of... 'Hot Tub Time Machine'.

What could go wrong with a film called “Hot Tub Time Machine“?

I mean, hot tubs and time machines. That sounds like a winning formula to me. Ok admittedly the trailer wasn’t very good, but still, hot tubs and time machines! Plus it looked like it probably had boobies in it…

Speaking of which, John Cusack was in it. Not very many other famous faces though, with two blokes I’ve never heard of along with the dude from Sex Drive. As you can imagine, the plot isn’t complicated. The group go to a ski resort for a much needed break. Soon bored out of their brains though, they have a bit of a male bonding session and get drunk in the hot tub. But after a bizarre accident, the group wake up in 1986. Are they mad? In a coma? Or back in time?

Meh. I wanted to enjoy Hot Tub Time Machine, really I did. And to be fair, it did have some boobies. So it wasn’t totally bad, but besides the cringeworthy bet forfeit scene, it’s mostly pretty crap and should’ve gone straight-to-DVD. In short: a few smiles but no roffles.


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  1. Gutted I couldn’t make it…really…is there an emoticon for sarcasm?

    Like the life on mars ref, classy.

  2. It wasn’t the best, but hey it was never gonna be eh?
    At least it had boobies….

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