Go Shorty…

Surely it can’t be that time of year yet again?

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  1. Many happy returns Chris, you old kit!!
    How many of the top 250 films you seen now? Time is running out you know!!

  2. I meant old git…obviously!! I wasn’t meaning you were like the Knight Rider car!!??

  3. Happy birthday bud, kept that quiet. Bit like me I guess. Well many happy returns. Does this mean I will have to post scantily clad pictures of you on my website?

  4. Thanks very much chaps. Paul, errr, 80 something. Really need to update my list one of these days.

    Andrew, yeah, happy to keep it quiet. Now I’m the big two-nine, you don’t go bragging about it! Best I can do for you scantily clad picture wise is this I’m afraid.

  5. Happy Birthday mate hope that you have had a great time.


  6. Happy belated Birthday mate… When was it… 29 now… wow, you better crack on with your top 250 films then… I noted that “Emanuelle in Space” wasn’t on the list… So why did you want to borrow it?

  7. Isn’t this your 5 year of being 29?

  8. Errr, almost! A chap at work said I looked “20 odd” today, so I might be able to get away with it for another couple of years yet!

  9. Happy belated B-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best of luck…you are sooooo important to me still…always will have half of my heart.

    And you do have a baby face you’ll never age ;)

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