Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons really is as exciting as it looks.

Angels & Demons really is as exciting as it looks.

I watched Angels & Demons last week, and bugger me it’s been difficult finding the enthusiasm to blog about it. I even cleaned the oven yesterday in preference to writing about it.

You see, as with The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown certainly appears to have done his religious research. Ok, I’m sure there is probably a similar amount of artistic licence involved in Angels & Demons as there was in TDVC, but quite where the line that divides historical fact from historical fiction would be exactly, I don’t know. The problem is, I don’t much care either, so I just can’t get excited about Angels & Demons no matter how hard I try. Perhaps other people who give a monkey’s won’t find the backdrop of this film quite as tedious as I did.

Anyway, Angels & Demons is basically National Treasure with the fun sucked out. Except Captain Wooden isn’t looking for treasure, he’s looking for an anti-matter bomb that’s going to wipe out Vatican City. He’s not alone though, and some might say that rather conveniently, he’s got a good looking particle physicist / part-time religious crime fighter, and a part-time helicopter pilot / stand-in Pope for company. Denise Richards playing a nuclear physicist in The World is Not Enough doesn’t seem quite so silly now, does it now?

So, they trot around Vatican City following clues, looking serious and spouting some religious guff that in turn leads to the next religious location. And repeat. It all must’ve been a hoot to film.

I think sitting through The Da Vinci Code was quite enough for me and despite what I said in my original review of that, I’ve not once had any inclination to watch that for a second time. 138 very long minutes of Angels & Demons makes that even less likely too.


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  1. I…hummmmph….I just can’t be arsed to give my opinion on this film…which I guess is an opinion in of itself!?!?

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